About 50 Cups

Melting the Ice

It’s no secret that it gets pretty cold here in Oswego, so we’d like to treat you to a piping hot cup of coffee. (Or tea, mocha latte no whip, hot chocolate, diet soda… whatever you’d prefer.) Think about it, how many great conversations have you had over a good cup of joe? How many great relationships start with those six simple words: “How do you take your coffee?” We’re looking for employers and SUNY Oswego alumni who are willing to spare some time to chat about their careers.

Coffeetalk, simple as that.

Start a Fresh Pot

We tell our students all the time, “You should conduct some information interviews to learn about interesting career fields.” Well now we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We’d love to model this process for our students, and of course, learn about you. Here’s how it works, we will:

  • travel to your home base.
  • provide the coffee– it’s on us.
  • engage in a casual chat about all of the cool things you’re doing.
  • leave you with a pretty sweet coffee mug.
  • Brand your organization here on our blog.

The Perfect Blend

In short, you are awesome. And all we really want to do is listen to your story.

As we’re listening, perhaps we’ll find some ways we can support all of the great work you’re doing. Need a rock star intern? Looking for fresh talent? Want another cup of coffee? We can help with all of those things.

Thirsty Yet?

Let’s set up a coffee date today!